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ProducifyX helps you acquire more of the right talent. We source and pre-qualify candidates — at a fraction of the cost of traditional staffing models — then let you handle the rest so you can continue growing your team!

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At our core, we have a caring heartbeat for people and impact.
Bonded through shared experiences, we became close friends and recognized the strength of combining our efforts to create ProducifyX. As passionate as we are about business, we consider ourselves parents, spouses, mission leaders, Eagle Scouts, IRONMAN athletes, outdoorsmen, and community impact advocates - first and foremost.
George Zimny, Co-Founder
George is a proud husband to Stef and father of two amazing daughters, Raelyn and Adelynn. He is passionate about organic cooking, IRONMAN (completing his first full race in 2020), Scouting (a proud Eagle Scout), global travel, reading and family time.

With a BS-BA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, George brings over a decade of experience in building successful enterprises, notably starting and scaling an independent insurance agency across 15 markets with 10 offices and recruiting 750+ staff/producers over the course of 12 years. Currently both George and Ryan serve as Shareholders and Board Members at Forbes top ranked global executive search firm, N2Growth.
Ryan Drysdale, Co-Founder
Ryan has been happily married to Cara for over 2 decades, and they share the joy of raising four amazing children: twins Matthew & Maverick, Kason, and Kaylee. He finds passion in hobby farming (complete with his own blue Ford tractor), bow hunting, fishing, shed hunting, church activities (including a 2-year mission in Jamaica), sports, and cherishing family time. 

With a background in building multiple successful ventures, alongside George, Ryan spent a decade developing the insurance agency, fostering a team of his own, opening successful offices in Chicago, Kansas City and Columbia, MO.

Our unique approach is about optimizing your current recruitment processes - not replacing  them.

We seamlessly integrate with your systems, providing an immediate boost in recruiting horsepower, transforming your recruitment process into a higher-performing powerhouse. Our team serves as the catalyst that accelerates your hiring strategy, enabling you to attract top-tier professionals who will fuel the growth and success of your company.


Talent on demand with solutions for almost every industry.


Consistent feeder system at top of funnel.


By design, we let you build the relationship with your hires.

Uniquely Low Priced

A fraction of the cost of traditional staffing pricing.


We don’t come from traditional HR/Recruitment, we think differently.

Human Focused

We market your people, not just your JD, to attract talent.
Hear from brands we passionately serve.
  • “They've not only boosted the quality and quantity of our recruits but also streamlined our candidate selection process. Every meeting with them is a wellspring of fresh ideas. Remarkably, in just one month, they helped me secure a superstar recruit who's primed to make a substantial impact on our local team & community, and we're just getting started!”
    Bryan Hickey
    Growth & Development Director, Northwestern Mutual Office in Columbia, MO
  • "At the time, we were struggling with attracting great candidates as well as developing an efficient system for analyzing applicants and getting to the best candidates in the shortest amount of time. They have brought nothing but value to our recruiting processes and strategy, in a way that has forced us to think differently from the past and the results have been fast and very valuable."
    Ross Bridges
    Managing Partner, Vessell Bridges Murphy Law
  • “We have grown our brokerage for over 30 years but never realized what was really possible on the recruiting front until we partnered with ProducifyX. They significantly enhanced our internal recruitment processes and talent reach, in ways we never considered and in short order increased the volume and cultural alignment of our new agent hires. Now we are seriously considering adding offices and expanding our market reach!”
    Dawn Daly
    Owner, House of Brokers Realty, Inc.
Turnkey solutions to consistently supply your team with pre-qualified recruitment candidates.
Single Market Solution
Thorough intake to understand your hiring scorecard.
Custom software solutions, unique content/marketing across job boards to drive candidate attraction.
Not to replace your current job market strategy.
Pre-screen and pre-qualify all candidates.
360° Candidate Submission: All submitted files will contain video interviews, resume and custom applicant questionnaire.
90-day no obligation pause period per year.
Pricing: Monthly Subscription based on market size and # jobs per market, with unlimited candidate submissions.
Custom Enterprise Solutions
Pricing: For multiple locations we offer custom pricing that will align to your needs, while bringing you overall enterprise value.
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We want to help you acquire the right talent to continue building your infrastructure.
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