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Always Grateful

Published on Dec 01, 2023

As we enter the holiday season, embracing Thanksgiving, Christmas or your personal holiday of celebration, it's natural to reflect on and appreciate the positive aspects of our lives. Many of us engage in festivities with family and friends, attending events and parties leading up to the new year. Everywhere we turn, reminders of generosity surround us – from bell ringers outside stores to church prompts urging us to be charitable. Whether as recipients of service or contributors, we can't help but experience a sense of fulfillment for the blessings we receive or bestow upon others. I strongly believe that maintaining a daily sense of gratitude, beyond the holiday season, contributes to enduring happiness and success, both personally and professionally.

In light of our recent Thanksgiving celebration, I took a moment to contemplate the things in my life that I hold dear. During the festivities, a conversation with a close family member facing challenging times brought to mind a valuable experience with my business partner from years ago.

In my previous career selling insurance, I encountered a period of personal challenges that affected my professional performance. Despite a successful start, my sales dwindled due to overwhelming personal circumstances. During a crucial "push week" away from home, my business partner, George, decided to accompany me on sales calls. Initially, I felt irritated, wanting him to focus on newer team members. However, his decision turned out to be a blessing.

Arriving in a small southeast Missouri town, George asked me to pull over before I began prospecting. In the parking lot of the town's only gas station, he sensed something was amiss and wanted to ensure I was okay. My emotions surfaced, leading to a heartfelt conversation where I poured out my struggles. Instead of delving into business matters, George asked a transformative question that changed my outlook on life: "Can you tell me what you're grateful for in your life?" This question made me realize my shortsightedness, prompting a discussion about the blessings in my life. My problems didn't vanish that day, but I embraced a new perspective and ironically experienced a successful business week.

This personal experience holds many lessons. I've applied the same technique with my family, team members, and those I teach, consistently witnessing positive results. Being a good business leader, I've learned, involves helping others in various aspects of their lives, with business success often following suit. I'll forever appreciate a leader and business partner who took the time to listen and helped me recognize the abundance of good in my life. Our partnership has evolved into a deep friendship, solidified through such experiences. Reflecting on daily gratitude has become a habit, fostering positivity and happiness.

As we navigate the upcoming month, celebrating holidays and focusing on others and our blessings, I encourage you to incorporate this practice into the various facets of your life throughout the year. What are you thankful for in your family, personal life, social life, spiritual life, and business life? While acknowledging the challenges, maintaining mindfulness of the positive aspects daily will undoubtedly lead to a happier and more successful year ahead. Always be grateful!

Author: Ryan Drysdale, Co-Founder of ProducifyX

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