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15 Producer Recruiting Playbook Essentials

Published on Sep 25, 2023

From decades in the trenches of building our own businesses around quality producers and writing our own playbook for our own companies, we bring you the 15 essentials for any constructive producer recruiting playbook. These should not be viewed as a "one size fits all" as every organization is unique and defines producer talent attraction in their own unique way. If you want to have a deep dive into any of these then just reach out! We would be thrilled to have a thoughtful and valuable discussion!

  1. Recruiting/Hiring Experience Outline
  2. The Psychology Behind Producer Talent Attraction
  3. Cycle of Recruiting/Hiring
  4. Aligning to Your Company’s Story & Mission
  5. Diversified Recruiting Sources Outlined and Explained
  6. Integrating Recruiting/Hiring into Your Office Culture
  7. The Seasons of Recruiting
  8. Set Up Your Office for Recruiting Efficiency
  9. Suggested Recruiting Schedule
  10. Proactive Recruiting/Hiring
  • Personal Network Recruiting: Why/How to
  • Happenstance Recruiting: Why/How to
  • Talent Headhunting: Why/How to and the Cycle Time
  1. Sourcing Strategies
  • Job Boards & Creating Unique Job Ad Content That Connects and Stands Out
  • Social Media Recruiting/Hiring (jab-jab-jab, right hook)
  1. Interview Process: End to End Outline
  • F2F Step-By-Step Breakdown, Including Interview Outlines at Each Step
  • How to Make a Great Impression and Tell Your Story
  • Strategies on Closing Top Talent
  • Webinar Interview Process
  • Offering the Position & Next Steps
  • Close to Active Hire
  • Follow up Procedure at Each Step
  1. Reporting and Utilization of Recruiting Data
  2. Pipeline Management
  3. Resources & Software to Remain Relevant and Progressing
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